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Macho Maintenance – Property maintenance you can trust.

Brenden reached out to us knowing he wanted to be a business owner but he didn’t know where to begin. Flash forward a few months later, and Brenden is now the proud owner of Macho Maintenance, an Indigenous-owned property maintenance company.

We took Brenden’s passion for helping others and turned it into a viable business. From brainstorming business names to developing a dynamic website, we worked with Brenden every step of the way to build his company from the ground up.

When creating the Macho Maintenance brand we knew right away that we wanted to incorporate Brenden’s personality into the creative process. The end result was a logo that closely resembles Brenden’s real-life appearance and brand colours that align with his supportive and compassionate personality. 

Throughout our collaboration with Brenden, he gave our designers full creative freedom to develop a business starter kit that got him off the ground running.

Macho Maintenance—Fast. Hardworking. Reliable.

Check out the epic website we created for Brenden by visiting machomaintenance.ca.

I will be forever grateful for the work The Indigenous Marketing Company did to get my business up and running.


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