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As the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre (MFNERC) strives to create quality education curriculums to advance and aid in the development of Indigenous children, we were tasked with creating a recruitment strategy, developing community profiles, and upgrading their website to help attract specialized teachers to First Nation communities in Manitoba.

Through a series of outreach efforts, we interviewed teachers and administrative staff members to learn about their communities, schools, and economic developments in their respective regions. Ultimately, the goal was to incorporate their knowledge and insight into community profiles to be presented to future teachers.

With MFNERC’s trust, we created modern community profiles that successfully presented the benefits of working in First Nation schools. In addition, we recreated MFNERC’s ‘Teach for First Nations’ website by designing a cleaner and sharper user interface and added new community profiles.

Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre—Providing quality education to develop strong Indigenous leaders.

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The Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre is a proud supporter of The Indigenous Marketing Company. Kaeden is a First Nations entrepreneur who is passionate about improving the well-being of Indigenous Peoples. The website and community brochures he and his team has done for MFNERC was organized and well developed. I am confident that this team would take your marketing efforts to new heights.


MFNERC Community Profile Example
MFNERC Community Profile
Desktop View of Teach for First Nations Website
Mobile View of Teach for First Nations Website
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