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Marcello's Meats – Serving you the finest quality meat cuts.

After years of operating his butcher shop through word of mouth and repeat business, Marcello needed a digital makeover to grow his clientele and modernize his brand. Our goal was to combine Marcello’s vibrant personality with his high quality products to showcase his premium and delicious meats.

By paying close attention to Marcello’s goals and needs, we used a research-based approach to elevate his brand while creating a professional & elegant visual identity.

His website now presents a greater user experience to optimize online conversions and his social media brand now consistently promotes his high quality products with vibrant and mouth-watering visuals while improving his user engagement.

Marcello’s Meats—Specializing in custom and quality cuts of all your favourite meats since 2009.

Hungry for more? Check out Marcello’s website at

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"I am very satisfied with the results since partnering with The Indigenous Marketing Company."

Marcello Castellano

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